About Us

We are a product and design-focused team with a hunch for delivering impact through design and creating enjoyable user experiences with software.

Our vision is to build a fair software infrastructure powering millions of teams daily to work with their favourite apps and create the most productive work environment.

In the past we built software to help with employee engagement, onboarding and retention. Today we are focusing on applying our learnings to productivity & SaaS space as a whole.

We think that B2B software should, and can be enjoyable to work with. Joyful work experiences positively impacts retention, and turnover. Having fun at work principles can be also applied to our software, helping create better user interactions and engagements.

With liftOS we are crafting a beautiful, modular productivity software that is full customizable and works with all work apps currently in the market. We want to unify our data, interfaces & experiences and create a harmonious work day.

If you are passionate about crafting software, designing beautiful products and improving productivity - checkout our open positions and let’s define this journey together. ✨

Our Core Values